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Roll Self Adhesive Labels

There are Variety of product sizes and shapes of product label but you can decide the size, pritting, graphic design which you can get the easiest and fastest labels.

Product Label

Your company’s prestige and the quality of highlighting the elemetns of the important. Product Labels production that desinged by yourself or new label designs made with care in our company.

You can customize these labels freely by having regard to the classes of width, length, color, resistance, adhesive and etc.

Carton Labels

Paper and derived materials classical and UV Offset, Classical and UV Screen Printing, Leaf (Foil) and Rotary (Roller) Print techniques produced by using the labels.

To advertise the product, to provide information about the product can be used as decorative purposes.

Additional procedures can be applied to carton labels for visual beauty such as cellophane, lacquer and facing.

Bladed, Guillotine or by laser cuts are made ready to use. Textile products, ropes or ribbons attached to the carton labels for decorative purposes.

Weaving Labels

Weaving Labels are used to advertise the brand and decide hight, size, mixture, origin, model or washing ınstructions on a product.

However, ready to wear clothing products are used as strips to add a decorative look.

Types of weavin labels:

Cutting of Weaving Labels

Quality Varieties of Weaving Labels


Printed Papers

Consumption Materials

Barkode Labels